Elite Surf Coaching Performance Centre is located in Bali, one of the best places in the world to improve your surfing due to its warm waters, consistent waves, and variety of breaks suitable for all skill levels. The island's coastline offers numerous surf spots that provide both left and right-hand waves, making it perfect for both regular and goofy-footed surfers.

Additionally, Bali's vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and friendly people make it a unique and unforgettable surfing destination.

World-class coaching for all surfers – Take your surfing one step ahead!

Guided Surf


Good positioning, wave knowledge & timing, is essential in surfing.
Where to sit at the lineup, where to trim the wave and do the manoeuvres for a more efficient ride, are some points that the coach will work with you on the session. The coach will be the voice of your conscience in your guided surf session.

surf Guide
video analyisis Surf Bali



Video Analysis is the core training tool in our coaching programs, allowing the surfer to visualise and understand how to improve their surfing.
The coach will film the waves surfed, after the session he will go through your waves in detail.



Performing exercises focused on agility, balance, flexibility and body alignment (posture) will help prevent injuries and increase efficiency in your movements while surfing.

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Surf Training Bali
Carver skateboards compresion surf technique


Surf skateboarding helps you to improve your surfing technique in a never ending wave.

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Surfboard Test Program

You will be able to test the latest models from some of the most outstanding shapers worldwide. Each model will be available on certain dates.

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Surf Boards bali All Merrick

& Packs

You can combine the different sessions you want and create your pack.
Note, Surf Coaching sessions generally start at 7:00-8:00 am, and last for around 4-5 hours.

The following prices do not include transport, surf gear, meal, etc. If you want help with gear, transport or accommodation please contact us.

3 days basic pack
Adult Surf Camp

Camp includes:

  • 3 x surfing sessions
  • Video analysis
  • 1 x Carver training

5 days basic pack
Adult Surf Camp

Camp includes:

  • 5 x surfing sessions
  • Video analysis
  • 1 x Carver training

7 days basic pack Adult Surf Camp

Camp includes:

  • 7 x surfing sessions
  • Video analysis
  • 2 x Carver training

Private Surf Coaching 1:1


  • Selection of convenient beach
  • Identification of personal objectives
  • Video recording of the waves surfed
  • Video analysis


Carver Session


  • Carver training in skatepark bowl
  • Introduction to surf movements
  • Improve the surf movements and the technique

Other Activities


Functional Training


Single room, shared room, hotel, rent a house, there are numerous options for all different budgets.

If you need help organising your accommodation, please get in touch with us.

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