Surfboard Test Program

You will be able to test the latest models from some of the most outstanding shapers worldwide for free. Each model will be available on specific dates.

Tasty Treat

We want to extend to a wider audience the use of a high-performance surfboard. Taking the Pukas Tasty as a starting point, we have made a more friendly version of it; we have tweaked the dims, made it shorter, a bit wider and thicker.

This is Axel Lorentz’s take on his new design: «I made some little changes to the outline to increase the overall area in the nose. I have added volume under the chest to help catch the wave and make it more enjoyable and less erratic.»

By moving down the tail rocker we have made it faster. «The Pukas Tasty Treat now suits the shape of a smaller wave and excels in less curvy walls», says Axel, «and allows high-performance surfing to a broad audience, not just the experienced surfers».

Axel has also re-designed the rail to avoid that thick rail feeling.

Dates available in 2018: From October

6’0″19.502.5631,71 l.
6’1″19.752.6333.41 l.
6’2″20.002.6935.07 l.