Functional Training

Performing exercises focused on agility, balance, flexibility and body alignment (posture) will help prevent injuries and increase efficiency in your movements while surfing.

Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. Whether you live by the ocean or in a land-locked area, you can use our training workout to meet the strength,
agility, flexibility, endurance and functional demands of surfing. Our functional training session is approx 1 hour long. This session is not aimed to fatigue you, but to customise your best functional training program and teach you
how to train back home, so as to keep improving your surfing abilities.




Functional Training Session


  • Carver training in skatepark bowl
  • Introduction to surf movements
  • Improve the surf movements and the technique

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Kuky de Dios

Trainer Coach

Personal & physical trainer of:

  • Spanish National & Olimpic Snowboardcross team 2013-2015
  • Iballa Ruano (7 x world windsurf champion, 4 x champion of Spain, 2nd of Europe in SUP)
  • Laro Echavarri, pro snowboarder & Olympic Spanish team (7th world champ snowboarder cross, 10 x Spanish National champ)
  • Erik Cruz, pro ski (Swedish national team)
  • Mallory de la Villamarqué, international pro-kiter
  • Cesar Porteser, international pro-kiter (4th world ranking, 4x Spanish National Champion)
  • North kiteboarding team 2008-2010

Elite Surf Coaching


It’s not only about fitness; in the gym, with Kuky you will correct and reproduce all the surf moves providing your muscles with the memory for use automatically in the water. You gain dynamism and proprioception, and learn how to breathe to workout will full power. And all of that together with some good laughs.!! Alejandra Moreno Espinar

I was pleased to see how organised he was and his excessive knowledge about the beach, wave conditions and the tides. Ivan took the time out to reflect on each heat that I surf with both positive and negative feedback, which I think you need both the good and bad to improve. Ivans’s passion for surfing and his coaching technique towards my surfing ability was really good and I learnt a lot. Philippa Anderson (Australian U/16 Champion 2007, Australian Pro Junior Winner 2011, Runner-up World Junior Champion 2011/12, Roxy Pro Trials Winner 2012, 5th Movistar WQS6000 2012, 5th Super Girl Pro WQS6000 2012, 3rd Azores Pro WQS6000 2012) I am very grateful to Ivan, thanks to him I had my first sponsors and entered the elite of the national surfing in Spain. It really helped me to surf with him and learn from his experience in and outside of the water.

Guillermo Alonso (champion: Spain Sub 16 in 2006, sub 18 in 2007 and 2008, and Open 2009)