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Video Analysis


Surf coaching online offers personalised online coaching 1:1 to help you improve your surf technique using advanced video analysis tools.

You can get your surf coaching sessions anywhere on the globe, you only need to have an internet connection, your phone, tablet or laptop and you will be ready to take your surfing to the next level.

Have your surf coach anywhere in the world!

How it Works

Sending the videos

We recommend recording your surf video before booking your session. Once you’re ready, email us and we’ll send you instructions on how to send your films to us.

You’ll have a 1:1 video conference with your coach on the day of your appointment. He will go over your footage and put together a video presentation for you. He’ll walk you through the areas where you can improve and he’ll wrap things up by providing you with some homework to work on until your next coaching session.

You will receive a recording of your surf coaching session so you can review it at any time.

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Surf coaching Video Analysis

Private Analysis


These online sessions allow you to submit video footage of yourself to be analysed by one of our expert coaches, then you will have a 1:1 video conference with us to discuss how you can improve your surfing.

If you can’t provide any film of yourself surfing, we’ll use instructional footage to break down any skill or area of surfing that you choose to focus on. Catching waves, cutbacks, bottom turns, barrel setups, as well as other popular requests.

The duration of the online session is approximately 60-90 minutes.

Group Seminars

Social Media

Wave forecasting, ocean reading, surf etiquette, body preparation, surf competition, surf equipment, contest judging and how to be the best «coach» for your kids (for parents who want to help their kids) are just some of the topics discussed in group seminars. Dates, times, and topics are announced on Instagram.

If you’d like to be notified when seminars are going to be released, please contact us.

Seminars and lectures for surf clubs, schools, and universities can be organized upon request.

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You can create your package combining different sessions (1:1 individual, in a group or in seminars)
Note, that those surf coaching sessions usually take 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of people in the group.

If you need any help or recommendation for filming your videos etc please contact us.

1:1 Private session


  • 60-90 minutes of a private online session
  • Recording of the video analysis session
  • Some extra videos manoeuvres explanations etc (if it needs it)

150€ Booking now!

Group Session


  • 60-120 minutes in a group online session
  • Recording of the video analysis session
  • Some extra videos manoeuvres explanations etc (if it needs it)

100€ Booking now!

Groups Seminars


  • 60-120 minutes of a private online session
  • Recording of the video analysis session
  • Some extra videos manoeuvres explanations etc (if you need it)

75€ Booking now!

 1:1 Session Packs

  • 1 x Session 150€

  • 3 x Sessions 400€

  • 5 x Sessions 500€

Booking now!

Group Session packs

  • 1 x Session 100€

  • 3 x Sessions 275€

  • 5 x Sessions 450€

Booking now!

Big Group Seminars

Contact us for special prices Booking now!

The Ocean Spell | Photo: Sarah Lee

Iván Villalba

Surf Coach

  • Surfing since 1991
  • Competing since 1993
  • Coaching since 2004
  • Sports technician in Surf, Level 1
  • ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor
  • ISA Level 2 Surf Coach

+ More info about Iván Villalba

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Elite Surf Coaching


Ivan inspires a lot of confidence in the water. He is a conscientious coach, who doesn’t let me pass to another level until I don’t master the actual level I am on. After months of effort, I have more speed, my manoeuvres are more powerful and I have even more fun in the water. León Agurruza

Daniel, my son has improved a lot in the coordination with the carver sessions, and thanks to the video analysis he is learning to read the wave. Highly recommended classes to whoever wants to improve their technique. Charles Parker

Ivan is a frank, vital and caring person, as well as very professional. With him, we make sure that all the family will be happy, so what we need to know before organising our holidays, is where will he be! Familia Bernuezo